Storage Reviews

We have many happy customers from the last 12 years and our reviews speak for themselves. Browse below to see exactly why our customers love us.

  1. Ayesha Karim

  2. Ahmed Kaur

    I just took home laptop and luggage case, everything else stored here for nice pricr and easy to order. I use agin I think

    Small StorageSmall Storage

  3. Jonny Patchen

    Properly done!

    Small StorageSmall Storage

  4. Sarah Midleton

  5. Helena Bernard

  6. Arla Matis

  7. Yu Yan

    Boxes are good and stong. Nice delivery worker.

    Small StorageSmall Storage

  8. Cristi Layman

    I ran out of tape and they dropped some more off for FREE! That’s good service in my book! Well done team!

    Standard StorageStandard Storage

  9. Yasmin Hassan

    Tape not that strong but besides boxes are thick, good service and prices

    Small StorageSmall Storage

  10. Martin Baering

    Good storage company. Got discount offer for using them last year too!

    Small StorageSmall Storage

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