Terms & Conditions

We accept online orders on the following basis:

1) You agree not too store anything that is illegal, dangerous or perishable (e.g. drugs, chemicals or fresh food) as detailed in the full terms of storage.

2) You will contact us 48 hours in advance of the agreed collection date if you wish to cancel your order to receive a part refund. Safe Student Storage will refund any payments made with the exception of any deposit(s) paid as detailed in the full terms of storage.

3) If you fail to be present on the collection/return date and time, a re-collection / return charge of £25 will be applied for each missed collection/delivery as detailed in the full terms of storage.

4) You accept our full terms and conditions:

You understand that in order to take advantage of our storage solution, a deposit needs to be received by us before we can deliver your packing kit to you. You also understand that payment of the remainder of your order must be received by us 24 hours prior to collection of your storage. We will contact you having received your order and deposit to arrange payment for the full amount. You must not store anything illegal, dangerous or perishable for example drugs, chemicals, or fresh food. Only the boxes provided by us are included in the price and upon collection only these boxes will be collected. Your own boxes and larger items which are too big for the boxes will be collected and stored entirely at our own discretion. If you need to store your own boxes, then these will be classed as additional items as discussed in the paragraph above. Each box must be sufficiently secured using the tape provided and must also be labelled using the labels provided with your packing kit. You also understand that in order for your possessions to be collected, all boxes must be moved to ground level e.g. car park of student halls of residence or driveway of a house. Our drivers will only load onto the vehicle, and are not allowed to carry boxes from inside premises. You will be charged £7.50 for the small storage, £10 per week for the standard storage and £15 per week for the large storage if you are unavailable to have your storage returned on the agreed date or before your maximum storage time. You will need to pay this before we will return your storage. Part weeks are charged as whole weeks for example, if your maximum storage date is the 01/09/2006 you will be charged for a weeks storage on the 02/09/2006, 09/09/2006 and so on, continuing until payment is made and your storage is returned. In any circumstances where the customer fails to be present on the arranged collection or return date and time a £25 charge will be applied. You must pay this before we will re-collect/return your storage. If this occurs on the collection, you may be refunded if you wish to cancel the order, however the refund will be the total paid minus the £25 charge plus any deposit(s) paid. Delivery of Packing Kits, Collection and Return of storage is limited to within the Greater Manchester area. We can arrange for storage to be returned using a third party courier to outside this area for an extra fee. We reserve the right to refuse return of storage at our discretion to any address outside the Greater Manchester area. In these circumstances you must arrange to collect your belongings from our storage facility yourself. In cases where two or more people share a storage space, you may arrange for collection and return to be made to/from different addresses for an extra fee of £40 for collection and £40 for return. For example if you need your storage collecting from two addresses but returning to the same address you would pay £40. For different addresses for both collection and return you would pay £80. The cost of your storage when shared will be calculated on the person requiring storage for the greatest number of weeks. Items without private insurance are stored at your own risk. We recommend you take out private insurance to cover this as we accept no responsibility for loss damage or theft of any property while in storage or transit. Once we have confirmed your order, we will contact you by phone call or email to let you know what times we have available on your collection date. Packing Kit deliveries, storage collections and returns are made during our standard working hours which are 9.00 am to 5.00 pm Monday to Friday. We do NOT offer Saturday or Sunday service for delivery of packing kits or collection / return of storage. Our collection / return time slots are in the form of one hour slots. We will always try to keep to these times however due to the possibility of being delayed by a number of reasons, for example traffic and delays at previous collections on that day that are out of our control, we are unable to guarantee these times. We do however guarantee that storage will be collected before 2.00 pm for any collections arranged for before and up-to 12.00 pm and 8.00 pm for collections arranged for before and unto 5.00 pm. In the unlikely event you wish to cancel your order, you must contact us 48 hours in advance of your collection date to receive a part refund. The refund will be the total amount paid minus any deposit(s) paid.